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Mad Dog Blues is a flexible ensemble designed to play Colorado’s fantastic concert and club scene. All our music is acoustic, low volume, very fun and energetic. We perform an eclectic mix of originals and covers that span a over a century of American music and appeals to all ages. We can be engaged as a duo, trio, or full 5 piece band (no drums). 

"...ego-less music from a tight-knit group that plays like an extended family." ~ Dan Willging, Feb.-March 2021 Holler from the Colorado Blues Society

"...refreshing and totally enjoyable music." ~Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony, November 3, 2022, Blues Blast Magazine

for all bookings please contact Mad Dog Friedman at maddog AT poetscoop DOT org

(or see our Electronic Press Kit for full contact information)


Mad Dog Blues supports and promotes diversity and equity and wants to thank the many African American, Native American and people of color that have inspired and influenced us with their music. In general, the rural American musicians and hokum songsters of 20's and 30's were playing music influenced by the players around them. Musical influence was more regional than genre-based and quite often color-blind. Radio airplay and the recording industry is more genre based. Segregation and racism in the music industry was responsible for the splitting up the true American music into the existing genres (like Country and Blues). It is our hope to go deep into the roots of this music and come up with our own songs that transcend the divisions in American music created by commercialism and racism.

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acoustic blues & jam

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